Generation 1

Emma Windsor, the founder of the windsor legacy, enters Ever City as an aspiring movie composer. She moves in with her best friend, Rose Hawthorne, an aspiring movie actress. Together, they go through the grueling audition process, making new friends along the way. Emma meets Draco Dupont one night and finds herself attracted to his charming, amiable exterior. While dating Draco, she keeps running into Apollo Dupont, Draco’s cousin and adopted brother, another prominent actor in Ever City. She composes the score for their joint movie, repeatedly clashing with producer Jade Thomas, Apollo’s ex-girlfriend. Emma discovers Draco has been sleeping with another woman and, in tears, ends the relationship. When she finds herself pregnant with Draco’s daughter, Hawke Windsor, she turns to Apollo for comfort. Apollo and Emma eventually marry, producing twins Leliana and Alistair Windsor

in order of appearance


Emma Windsor, the founder of the Windsor Legacy, loves film scores. If given the chance, she will shut herself in her room and listen to soundtracks for hours on end. An introvert, she prefers the company of her close friends and family to large crowds, but she braves the occasional movie premiere to accompany her husband, Apollo Windsor.


An aspiring actress, Rose Hawthorne wishes to seize Ever City’s entertainment business. She is a loyal friend and roommate to Emma and is known for her inopportune timing.


Jade Thomas, a prominent producer and director in the Ever City entertainment business, is plagued with relationship problems. Most of these struggles happen to originate from her fierce temper and set ways.


Apollo Windsor, like his cousin, Draco, is a famous actor living in Ever City. A devoted father, he has been known to choose lower-budget movies to stay closer to his family. In addition to his acting skills, he is purportedly renowned for his pancakes. After realizing the effect of his mother’s expectations on his cousin, he has had a complicated relationship with his mother.


Draco Dupont, aka Artemis, is an A-list actor in the Ever City entertainment business. When his parents died young, he was sent to live with his competitive aunt and her son, Apollo. Forced to change his name to complement better his equally talented cousin, Draco harbors a deep bitterness. Although he tries to be a good parent to Hawke, he fails to follow through with his claims.


Arthur Hawthorne, eldest son of Rose and Matthew Hawthorne, likes to think that he was born with a pen in his hand. A loyal friend and avid writer, Arthur helps the Windsor sisters both get in and out of hijinks.


Hawke Windsor, eldest child of Emma and Apollo Windsor, is a rebel. Fiercely ambitious and desperate to make a name for herself, she is bound to upset some people on her way up. Despite her abrasive exterior, she harbors a deep love for both art and her family.


Youngest child of Emma and Apollo Windsor, Alistair is shy almost to a fault. He prefers to listen rather than to speak and enjoys any activity he can complete alone…or with the company of his sisters or Lane, his best friend. He wishes to become an astronaut one day.


Generation 2 Heir — more information on generation 2 character page.


Lane Downing prefers the adjective “unique.” She loves breakfast foods and spending time with Alistair. As she was raised in a less than stellar foster home, she prefers to spend her time in the Windsor house. She possesses an avid curiosity and wishes to be the scientist to send Alistair to the moon.