Generation 2

Leliana Windsor, middle child of Emma Windsor and Apollo Windsor, lives by a very strict moral code. She is fiercely protective of her twin brother, Alistair, and she wants to make the world a better place…unlike her older sister, Hawke, who wishes only to make as many simoleons as possible. As a teenager, Leliana investigates suspicious activities at the Ever City cemetery with her best friend and future lover, Arthur Hawthorne, son of Rose and Matthew Hawthorne. Together, they find one of the culprits, a politician named Harry Marks. Although Marks claims to be the sole mastermind behind hiding stolen artwork and simpletons in the graves, Leliana suspects he is not alone. These suspicions are confirmed years later when she, along with her partner Violet Frost and a pregnant Hawke, discover the existence of two warring criminal groups – the Syndicate and the DeathlessCaspian Prince, leader of the Deathless and Hawke’s lover, has been using these graves to summon ghosts for his army. He wishes to topple the Syndicate’s vampires from their position of power but must wait until the next full moon to do so. Before the full moon arrives, however, Arthur receives word that his ex-girlfriend, Katia Kane, has been kidnapped by the Syndicate. Caspian refuses to help, as facing the Syndicate prematurely would leave him unable to control the ghosts. Arthur, Leliana, Violet, and Hawke go to the Syndicate’s headquarters to rescue Katia but discover that she has betrayed them all. Caspian appears at the last minute, relinquishing all hope of using his ghost army, and together they kill Vladimir Codreanu, the head of the Ever City contingent, and Katia. In the skirmish, Arthur is killed by Katia, and, distraught, Leliana vows to leave Ever City. 

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Leliana Windsor, heir of Generation 2, is a fearless investigator and loyal friend. She, along with her friend, Violet Frost, runs Frost-Windsor Investigations. Her current cases involve art theft, graveyard mysteries, corporate power struggles…and vampires. With the help of her Violet and her favorite journalist, Arthur Hawthorne, she might be able to survive.








Caspian Bishop, leader of the Deathless crime group of Ever City, is ambitious as he is ruthless. Blessed – or cursed – with the ability to see and sometimes control ghosts, he is a formidable opponent…but this power comes at the cost of a doomed pact with Death. Caspian, along with the rest of the Deathless, aims to uproot the established rulers of the Ever City Underground — the vampire Syndicate.


Katia Kane, successful businesswoman at Ever City Cyber Security, has seemingly overcome all odds. An orphan, she was adopted from Russia by a kindly, elderly couple and rose to the rank of COO. Although seemingly cheerful, she hides dark secrets.