Chapter 4.10

the windsor residence “Are you eating enough? You look skinnier, Korra,” Mom said. I ought to be asking her that; although she was all dressed up for a bridal shoot, she was looking more tired than ever. I worried about her; I knew she’d taken Nora’s loss badly, and, unlike me, she didn’t have rage […]

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Chapter 4.09

the windsor residence; 8:20 pm “I know you don’t want to hear this, but I really don’t trust her,” Raf said. “Mm,” I said, only half-listening. I’d felt bad for going off on him the other day, so I’d invited him over for some peace-making waffles. Growing up, Mom had always made — or, at […]

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Chapter 4.08

the windsor residence; 5:20 am It was weird to be back home. I’d spent the vast majority of the past month with Haven, which was the name of Mako’s coven, and now, being in the backyard where I – and Nora – had grown up felt…odd. I hadn’t even told my parents I was here; […]

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Chapter 4.07

haven “How?” I demanded. “How can you help me save Nora? Time travel isn’t possible — even for witches.” Behind me, I felt Raf shift again, but I paid him no attention. I feared if I looked at him, I would punch him or scream — or both. I’d trusted him, and knowing that he’d […]

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Chapter 4.06

marietta’s home; three months later I stared at the softly snoring woman, my brows creasing. These days, Marietta slept more than anything, and it worried me. Although the witch and I had had more than our fair share of scuffles, I was still deeply indebted to her. She’d shown me magic, had convinced me I […]

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Chapter 4.05

marietta’s home: two months later “So, what about the familiar thing? Do witches — do we — actually get power from having a familiar? Should I be adopting a cat or will my dog suffice?” I asked. In the past few weeks of working with Marietta, I’d borrowed every supernatural-related text (and, yes, that included […]

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Sunshine Blogger Award x2

Thank you so much, Jowita, for nominating me for this lovely award! I haven’t been able to write in what feels like forever due to real life craziness, but I’m so honored that you thought of my blog šŸ™‚ Edit: Also, thank you wintersims3Ā for nominating me as well! The Rules: 1. In a blog post, […]

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Chapter 4.04

marietta’s home After getting in touch with Marietta, the woman – witch, she told me – brought us to her home. Normally, “brought us” would entail some normal form of transportation — say, an hour’s excruciating drive through the infamous traffic — but instead entailedĀ teleportation. As soon as I’d regained my breath, I demanded to […]

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Interlude: Raf

nthe edgeworth Click. Raf looked up from the set of glasses he’d been polishing, forcing his posture to remain relaxed when he saw the dark-haired woman before him. Tehar. “So, this is where you’ve been hiding,” the woman said, observing the Edgeworth’s flashing surroundings with a raised brow. “Hello, Tehar!” he said, careful to keep […]

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Chapter 4.03

the windsor residence “He didn’t know what it was, but he sent me an email afterwards about some woman who might know. Her name is Marie or Maria or Mary or something like that — he wasn’t sure — and she apparently lives just outside of town,” I said, showing the hologram to Uncle Anakin. […]

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