Chapter 4.20

hideout; two months later The weeks slipped by with dizzying speed. It was as if time had turned to sand — I could catch the first few handfuls, savor the time with my sister, but the next waves were overwhelming. I spent the time fretting over Raf, wishing desperately that I had access to an […]

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Chapter 4.19

cemetery; 4:30 am Somehow, I was always brought back to cemeteries. The teleportation had left Victor visibly shaken, and it had made him accept my excuse — that the door had transported us — more easily than expected. To his credit, he recovered quickly, scanning the cemetery for any threats. After concluding that the robots […]

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Chapter 4.16

hideout When the time man next appeared, I was only half surprised — as annoying as it was, I’d come to expect his coming and going. “Korra,” he greeted. “I’ve come to check in. The time pollution here has gotten worse, not better — what are you doing to remove the pollutants?” Well, of course […]

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Chapter 4.15

hideout; 6 am Only five hours later, I was rudely awakened from my perch by Raf’s bed. I woke with a curse on my lips — a literal one — and bit it down only when I saw Victor’s violet eyes. “Wake up,” he said brusquely. “It’s impossible to get you up to speed by […]

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Chapter 4.14

hideout; 12 am AN: long chapter ahead! grab your snacks 🙂 Karma was a funny thing. Was this the world’s way of punishing me? I’d disregarded Marietta, my parents, Uncle Anakin, Raf… the list went on. In my twenty-five years on this planet, I’d hurt a lot of people. Was this why I was unable […]

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Chapter 4.13

future The future smelled like burning metal. The air, which was a horrid, sick-looking off-yellow, was thick with smog, and my first few breaths were labored as I struggled to get used to the new environment. Although the buildings were mostly who I remembered it, everything was considerably more…dismal. Maybe my outlook had just changed? […]

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Chapter 4.12

innovation labs; 7:00 am We decided to return to the spot where it all began — the time machine. Even after all these years, its metal edges still gleamed. Although the flowers surrounding it had grown taller and lusher, nothing else had changed, and in an instant I was transported back to a time when […]

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Chapter 4.11

haven; 2:10 am Thankfully, Haven was empty when we arrived, and I was able to finish brewing the potion without disturbance. Raf stood guard as I carefully crushed the glowing green flowers with a copper pestle and sprinkled them clockwise into the potion. I was all too aware of our limited time; the rest of […]

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Chapter 4.10

the windsor residence “Are you eating enough? You look skinnier, Korra,” Mom said. I ought to be asking her that; although she was all dressed up for a bridal shoot, she was looking more tired than ever. I worried about her; I knew she’d taken Nora’s loss badly, and, unlike me, she didn’t have rage […]

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Chapter 4.09

the windsor residence; 8:20 pm “I know you don’t want to hear this, but I really don’t trust her,” Raf said. “Mm,” I said, only half-listening. I’d felt bad for going off on him the other day, so I’d invited him over for some peace-making waffles. Growing up, Mom had always made — or, at […]

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