Chapter 4.04

marietta’s home


After getting in touch with Marietta, the woman – witch, she told me – brought us to her home. Normally, “brought us” would entail some normal form of transportation — say, an hour’s excruciating drive through the infamous traffic — but instead entailed teleportation.

As soon as I’d regained my breath, I demanded to know whether she could also transport us to the future, but Marietta only shook her head. “That is beyond my power,” she said. “Trying to do so would result in only death.”

I tried not to feel too disappointed. Maybe she wasn’t able to, but with enough dedication and practice, perhaps I could find a way forward where she couldn’t. After all, she didn’t have a baby sister to save — I did, and if that didn’t motivate me enough, I didn’t know what would.

“Come, Korra,” she called, and I followed her to a sizable display of glinting wands.

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Interlude: Raf

nthe edgeworth



Raf looked up from the set of glasses he’d been polishing, forcing his posture to remain relaxed when he saw the dark-haired woman before him. Tehar.

“So, this is where you’ve been hiding,” the woman said, observing the Edgeworth’s flashing surroundings with a raised brow.

“Hello, Tehar!” he said, careful to keep his voice light. “Care for a drink?”

The witch considered the steel tumbler and, after a few tense seconds, sighed. “I wish, but you know how it is with the rules.”

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Chapter 4.03

the windsor residence


“He didn’t know what it was, but he sent me an email afterwards about some woman who might know. Her name is Marie or Maria or Mary or something like that — he wasn’t sure — and she apparently lives just outside of town,” I said, showing the hologram to Uncle Anakin. The music producer, thankfully, hadn’t taken my rage personally, and he’d sent me an email the day before with a potential lead. It stank of magic, unfortunately, but at this point, it was at least worth a shot.

I was reluctant to get my hopes up about some mystery old woman, but it was better than nothing.

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Chapter 4.02


“Hi, Dad,” I said. We were in a music producer’s home, as Estelle was in town and, for the moment, lacked wheels. She was staying in hour home so, for the time being, Dad and I were the designated chauffeurs.

Although the music producer was fairly well known, his home was surprisingly modest. I’d come to expect the height of opulence — or, at the very least, modernity — from Lucky Palms’s media elite, but perhaps that was only my own upbringing speaking. I knew, from the outside at least, I was extremely fortunate — even with the whole missing sister problem.

“How are you doing, Korra? Your mother and I are worried.”

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Brief Update

Hi all!

You may have noticed that there wasn’t a usual Saturday post yesterday — sorry about that! School is picking up, and while I have all my photos for all of gen 4 taken, I need to write the chapters! There will be a bit of a break before the next chapter (hopefully only ~2-3 weeks!). Thanks all for your patience 🙂

Sneak peek of 4.02


Chapter 4.01

innovation labs; 10 years later


Nothing was working. I stared at the smudged scrawls on the whiteboard, my eyes stinging from the sustained effort. To my right, the harsh glare from the fluorescent light reflected off the slick board, adding to the pounding pressure rapidly building by my temples. I groaned, slamming my palm against the board, and let my hand slide down, smearing the marker until all equations were illegible.

I wished I were smarter. If only I were slightly more intelligent, slightly more creative, slightly — better. Then, at least, I might be able to bring my sister back.

After Nora’s disappearance, my parents had scarcely known what to believe. They’d tried going to the police, but no one believed them. Time travel was a fairytale, and my sister was simply gone. There was a time period when I feared that I would cause their divorce — they seemed to argue every night, and even I knew I was to blame. After all, I had left my sister behind.

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