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You may have noticed that there wasn’t a usual Saturday post yesterday — sorry about that! School is picking up, and while I have all my photos for all of gen 4 taken, I need to write the chapters! There will be a bit of a break before the next chapter (hopefully only ~2-3 weeks!). Thanks all for your patience 🙂

Sneak peek of 4.02



Chapter 4.01

innovation labs; 10 years later


Nothing was working. I stared at the smudged scrawls on the whiteboard, my eyes stinging from the sustained effort. To my right, the harsh glare from the fluorescent light reflected off the slick board, adding to the pounding pressure rapidly building by my temples. I groaned, slamming my palm against the board, and let my hand slide down, smearing the marker until all equations were illegible.

I wished I were smarter. If only I were slightly more intelligent, slightly more creative, slightly — better. Then, at least, I might be able to bring my sister back.

After Nora’s disappearance, my parents had scarcely known what to believe. They’d tried going to the police, but no one believed them. Time travel was a fairytale, and my sister was simply gone. There was a time period when I feared that I would cause their divorce — they seemed to argue every night, and even I knew I was to blame. After all, I had left my sister behind.

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Heir Poll 3!


How are we already at generation 4??? What??? Thank you all (old and new readers!) so, so much for all of your continued support. Without you guys, this legacy would never have survived for this long. Here’s to another generation of the Windsors! hopefully gen 4 will not be over 40 chapters long but who knows

Sadly, it’s time to say goodbye to Rey and Kol…and it’s time to usher in a new heir! I encourage you all to go back and read Transition III-IV for more information on the two choices and to see them in hot dog suits. I’m very, very excited about this next gen and have storylines planned out for both potential heirs, so vote away! 🙂


KORRA WINDSOR likes rules, order, and things that make sense. Her reputation for being a stickler for rules, when coupled with her prickly exterior, means she has trouble making friends. Although she often fights with her little sister, Jinora, she still loves her sister fiercely. Her fear of the unknown makes her reject her budding ability to do things she cannot explain…wracked with guilt over leaving her sister stranded in the future, who knows whether Korra will crumple – or thrive – under the pressure?


JINORA WINDSOR, the younger of the two sisters, is loved by all. Bubbly and charismatic, she has a knack for making people feel at ease. People flock to her, and she is all too willing to bathe in their attention. She views rules as recommendations, and her blasĂ©, careless attitude towards life is a constant source of aggravation for her more rigid older sister. At her core, Jinora is sweet and fiercely loyal…but who knows how her imprisonment in the future might affect her?

*note: Emma’s genes are very, very strong. Leliana looked almost exactly like Emma, Rey looked almost exactly like Leliana, and now Jinora looks almost exactly like Rey! Korra has Nikolai’s jaw and mouth (but Rey’s eyes and nose). 

Chapter 3.43





The robot lowered its camera slowly, deliberately, and regarded us with its array of circular eyes. I shuddered at the utter lack of human compassion in its depthless black eyes. It made no move towards us, but I had the sense that it could capture us at any moment if it wished.

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