Chapter 4.19

cemetery; 4:30 am


Somehow, I was always brought back to cemeteries.

The teleportation had left Victor visibly shaken, and it had made him accept my excuse — that the door had transported us — more easily than expected. To his credit, he recovered quickly, scanning the cemetery for any threats. After concluding that the robots hadn’t followed, he’d beckoned me towards a large scrap pile.

“We can always use more supplies,” he said.

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Chapter 4.18

hideout; 2:01 am


“That’s pretty.”

I blinked, my finger slipping on the piano keys. The resulting note was jarringly loud, and we both winced. We were safe enough in this abandoned building, but patrols were everywhere. I carefully eased my hand from the instrument and turned, looking at Victor.

“Is it time?”

I still didn’t have my magic yet, but the last few days had been so busy, I surprisingly hadn’t had much time to think about it. Even now, when I was considering it, it was more of a dull ache than anything. I’d been more irritable, of course, but…I was surviving. I thought I’d die without magic, but it seemed life had other plans.

“It’s time.”

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Chapter 4.17



“Raise your knee! You’re letting it drop.”

I lifted my protesting leg with a groan and kicked feebly at the wooden post. I’d been bruised more times than I could count by that stupid thing — each kick sent the wooden posts spinning towards me at ferocious speed and, if I didn’t dodge correctly, I was hit. I’d managed to dodge it maybe…oh, zero times.

I wasn’t a very skilled fighter.

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Chapter 4.16



When the time man next appeared, I was only half surprised — as annoying as it was, I’d come to expect his coming and going.

“Korra,” he greeted. “I’ve come to check in. The time pollution here has gotten worse, not better — what are you doing to remove the pollutants?”

Well, of course the time pollution had gotten worse — I’d added two additional interlopers to the mix. That made four of us — me, Raf, Nora, and Kylo.

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Chapter 4.15

hideout; 6 am


Only five hours later, I was rudely awakened from my perch by Raf’s bed. I woke with a curse on my lips — a literal one — and bit it down only when I saw Victor’s violet eyes.

“Wake up,” he said brusquely. “It’s impossible to get you up to speed by the week’s end, but maybe I can drill at least some basic maneuvers through your thick skull.”

“Thick skull?”

He beckoned for me to get up again, and I scowled.

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Chapter 4.14

hideout; 12 am

AN: long chapter ahead! grab your snacks 🙂


Karma was a funny thing.

Was this the world’s way of punishing me? I’d disregarded Marietta, my parents, Uncle Anakin, Raf…

the list went on.

In my twenty-five years on this planet, I’d hurt a lot of people. Was this why I was unable to keep everyone I cared about safe?

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Chapter 4.13



The future smelled like burning metal. The air, which was a horrid, sick-looking off-yellow, was thick with smog, and my first few breaths were labored as I struggled to get used to the new environment.

Although the buildings were mostly who I remembered it, everything was considerably more…dismal. Maybe my outlook had just changed?

I looked at the sizable heap of scraps and shook my head. No, not even my pessimism could be responsible for this; the time man was right — times had changed. That, of course, made me all the more worried for my sister. Things had been bad enough even without the yellow sky.

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